PRiA projects

Seedcorn funded projects

Since its inception in 2017, PRiA has been providing a Seedcorn fund to support the development of new and innovative student education activities in the Faculty which may underpin future research activity.

A showcase of successful recipients of the fund serves to demonstrate the breadth of activities supported and to inspire new ideas for future projects.

Below is full list of successful applications for Seedcorn funding and the links above offer further information about a selection of these projects.

November 2018

Kashmir Kaur (LC/LCS)
Project -  Developing Criticality in Academic Writing: when signposting isn’t enough.

Ewan Stefani (Music)
Project - Exploring new ways of documenting rehearsals of ensemble performances with students using 360-degree video and audio capture technology.

Caroline Campbell (LCS)
Project -  Developing our students’ assessment literacy.

George Rodosthenous (PCI)
Project -  The digital in the Rehearsal process: documenting, interacting and disseminating.

February 2019

Fiona Bannon (PCI)
Project -  Active Designs for Learning.

Jaeuk Park (LCS)
Project -  Improving the quality of language education through using an innovative technological approach.

Karen Burland Clark (Music)
Project -  Good Writing in Music.

September 2019

Samantha Gill (SES/SMC)
Project -  How the School of M&Cs Career Mentor Scheme can benefit both students and the Faculty’s Employability Strategy

Kate Nash (SMC)
Project -  Listening to the voices of (WP) students: Participatory media practice and communication in HE.

October 2020

Rasha Soliman (LCS)
Project-  Arabic grammar and its teaching approaches: Learners' perceptions.

Joanne Crawford and Gail Day (FAHACS)
Project - To fund a Research Assistant by testing approaches with student focus groups. Looking to find convincing, pedagogically relevant, and practicable way forward to diversify our assessment methods.

Peter Rhodes and Judith Simpson (Design).
Project -  Impact of Year in Industry on Attainment.

March 2021

Hanem El-Farahaty (LCS)
Project - Virtual Year Abroad:  Student Voice on Digital Accessibility, Engagement/Sense of Belonging and Online Assessments.

Kashmir Kaur (LC/LCS)
Conference attendance -  Sustainability Symposium 2021: Facing Forward with Sustainability: Principles, Progress and Partnership.

April 2021

Caroline Campbell (LC/LCS) and Lorna Waddington (History)
Project - Piloting Academic Integrity ambassadors in AHC.