Centre for Aesthetic, Moral and Political Philosophy

Centre for ethics and metaethics

Research seminars are held during term-time. Full details are listed on the School events listings.

Semester 2, 2019/20

  • Jan 29 Andrés Garcia (Lund)

  • Feb 5 Christine Tiefensee (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

  • Feb 6 A workshop on the Metasemantics of Normative Discourse 

  • Feb 12 Christian Schemmel (Manchester) [Joint seminar with the Contemporary Political Theory group]

  • Feb 19 Thomas Sinclair (Oxford)

  • Feb 26 Andreas Bruns (Leeds)

  • March 11 Daniel Elstein (Leeds)

  • March 18 Elizabeth Kahn (Durham) [Joint seminar with the Contemporary Political Theory group]

  • March 25 Richard Rowland (Leeds)

  • April 29 Ludovica Adamo (Leeds)

  • May 6 Jessica Isserow (Leeds)

Other events

In May 2016, we hosted the annual public Mangoletsi Lectures, by Rae Langton (Cambridge) on the theme of 'Doing and Undoing Things with Words'. We have also organised two major international conferences, ‘The Moral Significance of Intentions’  (June 2014) and ‘Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams’ (July 2009). The latter conference led to a volume of articles, Luck, Value, and Commitment: Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams (ed. Ulrike Heuer and Gerald Lang, Oxford University Press 2012).

In addition to the ongoing research seminar, we have also organised or supported numerous other workshops and conferences: