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Current projects

Title Funder Start date End date
The Eighteenth Century Studies Seminar Internally funded 2016 31 December 2099
The Weight of the Past in Franco-British Relations Arts and Humanities Research Council 1 June 2018 31 May 2021
The sacred landscapes of medieval monasteries: an inter-disciplinary study of meaning embedded in space and production Arts and Humanities Research Council 1 April 2018 31 March 2021
Living with Dying: Everyday Cultures of Dying within Family Life in Britain, c.1900-50 The Arts and Humanities Research Council 1 December 2016 30 December 2020
Men, Women and Care: Formal and Informal Caregiving in Interwar Britain European Research Council Starting Grant 1 September 2015 30 October 2020
The domestic and global history of British Indian opium c. 1800-1930 The Leverhulme Trust 1 October 2017 30 September 2020
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship project 'The Rise of Papal Provisions in Thirteenth-Century England' The Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship 1 May 2017 30 April 2020
Maternal mortality in East Africa Medical Research Council 1 March 2018 29 February 2020

Past projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Masculinity and Military Medicine Wellcome Trust 1 January 2017 31 December 2019
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship project 'Reform and Clerical Authority in the 11th Century: a Comparative Perspective' Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship 1 October 2016 30 September 2019
Rethinking Reform 900-1150: Conceptualising Change in Medieval Religious Institutions Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant 1 October 2016 30 September 2019
Empire and Accumulation Independent Social Research Foundation 1 September 2018 31 August 2019
The Social World of the Abbey of Cava, Southern  Italy, c. 1020-1300 The Leverhulme Trust 1 September 2017 31 August 2019
Legacies of War Internally funded 1 September 2014 31 December 2018
Into the melting pot: Global pragmatism and nation-building in India and Mexico The Leverhulme Trust 1 September 2015 31 August 2018
Rethinking the Medieval Frontier 1 April 2017 31 May 2018
Not The Final Frontier: The World of Medieval Islands Newton Trust Mobility Award 25 March 2017 24 March 2018
Agents of Future Promise 30 October 2014 1 October 2015
Soldiers and soldiering in Britain, c.1750 to 1815. Arts and Humanities Research Council 1 July 2010 30 December 2011
Church, State, and Nation: The Journals of Herbert Hensley Henson, 1900-1939 Arts and Humanities Research Council - 2020
Peaceful, Bloodless and Anti-Slavery Commerce? The British India Society and the Ethics of East India Trade, 1833-1857 British Academy - -
You Are What You Ate Wellcome Trust Society Award 2010 2014
Writing British Asian Cities AHRC Diasporas, Migrations and Identities Programme 2006 2009
Women, Gender, Sexuality & the Archive - -
White Anti-Racist Organizing and Social Activism in the United States.  - -
Urban decay: health, disease and society in early modern Venice - -
Transnational Soldiers - -
The World in Revolt: 1956 and the Struggle for Freedom - -
The Utopian City: India’s urban futures and alternative histories Arts and Humanities Research Council and Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) - -
The Lives of Kenya’s White Insane - -
The History of Identity in Colonial and Post-Colonial Uganda - -
Social responses to large-scale state directed violence. The Galician case (1936-1939) in comparative context Xunta de Galicia - -
Settler Soldiers: Military Service and the Construction of Identity in French Algeria, 1830-1939 - -
Self improvement, popular reform and the public good, c. 1848-1884  - -
Reintegrating Body and Soul: Medicine and Community in Late Medieval Portugal Wellcome Trust - -
Public Information Centres, corruption and citizenship: The Janta Suchna Kendra - -
Pirate printers? Printing and copying in the French book trade during the wars of religion. British Academy 31-08-2017 30-08-2019
Men, Masculinity and Maternity in Britain, from the 1950s to the Present - -
Imitation: Mechanisms of a cultural principle in the Middle Ages The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (German Research Foundation) 2014 2019
Identity, Performance and the State: India's Denotified Tribes over Independence - -
From Subjects to Citizens Arts and Humanities Research Council - -
Death in Early Modern Venice and Nuremberg - -
Cultures of Intelligence - -
Before HIV: Sexuality, Fertility and Mortality in East Africa, 1900-1980 AHRC, the British Academy, the British Institute in Eastern Africa, and the ESRC. - -