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The Centre for Global Health Histories

Our mission is to enhance the understanding of the history of health, to aid global, public health and medical communities to respond to the challenges of the present to shape a healthier future.

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Our Research

Our staff and postgraduate researchers engage in innovative research across a wide range of periods and geographical settings spanning the globe. We work closely with partners, institutions, and communities locally, nationally, and around the world to translate our findings into real-world impacts that effect positive change.

Interdisciplinarity is a hallmark of our research, and we are active participants in a range of interdisciplinary centres and institutes across the University.

Our research is clustered into six over-arching themes bringing together a variety of research projects.

The Empires and Aftermath research cluster examines the force and scope of imperialism around the world.

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The Health Histories research group examines the social and cultural history of health and medicine.

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From historic conflicts to modern-day national security, the War Studies research cluster examines issues relating to global war and peace across history.

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The Politics, Diplomacy and International History cluster brings together researchers with a shared interest in international affairs.

More on Politics, Diplomacy and International History

In GLAM we work with external partners in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums sectors.

More on Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality research group looks at society’s construction of gender across historic periods and global geographies

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Northern History was the first regional historical journal in England. It was established in the School of History by Gordon Forster in 1966

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Leeds Medieval Studies is an international, free-access, refereed journal produced in the Institute for Medieval Studies.

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