Research and innovation

Research and innovation

Our research covers a wide range of historical periods, geographies and themes.

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Our research

As a large and diverse School, our academic expertise is broad and we are committed to active research across a range of specialist areas.

Our regular seminar series and events encourage active engagement with research from both staff and students across the School. We take a collaborative approach to research and work closely with partners including other academic schools as well as external organisations.

We are also part of a number of affiliated research groups, working closely with other Schools across the University.

Our research is clustered into six over-arching themes bringing together a variety of research projects.

Medieval Studies research group

The Medieval Studies research group explores a broad chronological and thematic range from early middle-ages to the first decades of the sixteenth-century.

Health medicine and society research group

The Health, Medicine and Society research group examines the social and cultural history of health and medicine.

War and peace research group

From historic conflicts to modern day national security and terrorism, this group examines issues relating to global war and peace across history.

Cities research group

The Cities research group looks at urban culture and society issues from public health to demographics and political activism to urbanisation.

Women gender and society research group

The Women, Gender and Sexuality's group looks at societies construction of gender across historic periods and global geographies.

Picture from atlas of world map

From empires to post-colonial states and the world wealth division, the Global History group focuses on historical problems of global change.