War Studies

From historic conflicts to modern-day national security, the War Studies research cluster examines issues relating to global war and peace across history.

painting of No 11 Fighter Group's Operations Room, Uxbridge

War Studies

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The War and Peace research group investigate the causes, course and consequences of large-scale human conflict across a large period of History from the middle ages to modern day. We have academics with a wide range of research specialisms including military, international, medieval, political, cultural and social historians.

We start at the Clausewitzian debate as to whether war is merely the continuation of policy by other means, or has either its own grammar or logic. We also tackle contemporary issues including European security; military intelligence; population transfer; soldiers and soldiering in the Napoleonic Wars; commonalities and differences in surrender; transnational military mobilization; and atrocities in Europe.

The image used on this page is taken from the Imperial War Museum collections, © IWM Art.IWM ART LD 4140 and is used under the Museum’s Non-Commercial license. It shows the No 11 Fighter Group’s Operations Room, Uxbridge, painted by Charles Ernest Cundall in 1943.

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