Not The Final Frontier: The World of Medieval Islands


The School of History and the Leeds Humanities Research Institute will be being visited by Dr Luca Zavagno from the University of Bilkent, in Ankara, Turkey, as part of his Newton Trust Mobility Award partnership with Dr Jonathan Jarrett, Lecturer in Early Medieval History at the University of Leeds. Dr Zavagno is an expert in the relationship of the Mediterranean islands, and especially Cyprus, to the wider world in the early and central Middle Ages, and his presence in Leeds will let him hold two workshops with members of the Institute for Medieval Studies and Birkbeck, University of London, as well as a postgraduate seminar, as part of his project ‘Not The Final Frontier: The World of Medieval Islands’. 

This seminar will examine these islands as spaces between power and culture blocs during this period, and offer parallels and perspectives which can inform all research about political or cultural contact in the medieval Mediterranean.