IDEA Pod new episode: Integrity

Join us as we discuss the meaning and ethics behind integrity in business and beyond.

After a short break, the IDEA Pod returns in a fascinating episode exploring the concept of integrity.

It’s a buzzword that many businesses and institutions use and present as part of their ethos, but do we really have clarity as to what integrity is or what it implies?

Dr Jim Baxter (IDEA Centre) and Tracey Groves (Intelligent Ethics) walk us through understanding the meaning of integrity, how it impacts businesses and why the role and impact of integrity has changed over time.

Postgraduate researcher Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau:  "It was an insightful episode. My main takeaway would be the highlighted complicity between philosophy and applied ethics, and how businesses and institutions can benefit from this collaboration to combat ethical blindspots that might prevent us to integrate the transformational essence and the cultural impact of concepts like integrity."

Released 27 April 2021. Presented by Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau

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