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Visitors take in the 'Can robots care?' exhibition at the Thackray Medical Museum.

Ruby Hornsby, Postgraduate Researcher in IDEA, is speaking at this event, hosted by Leeds Salon

Entrance and staircase of IDEA centre

For this role we seek: an academic with a strong grounding in ethics who is committed to fostering the development of ethical understanding and reasoning skills, both inside and outside academia.


Dr Natasha McKeever and Postgraduate researcher Ruby Hornsby discuss whether it is morally wrong to have sex with a robot.

Entrance and staircase of IDEA centre

IDEA Centre's Dr Robbie Arrell publishes new chapter in an edited collection this month entitled "Sex and Emergent Technologies"

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IDEA Centre's Natasha McKeever and Luke Brunning discuss "Equality in Intimate Life" as part of the University of Manchester's Political Theory Workshops.