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Detail from image of Edward Jenner vaccinating patients. Edited etching by J Gillray 1802. Wellcome Trust collection

Convincing the Nation is a new online exhibition which observes how government and public health bodies have reacted to vaccine resistance over time.

Pieces of textiles hanging in columns

Can you live more sustainably by rethinking how you treat your garments?

Matthew Treherne

Monday 18 January saw Professor Matthew Treherne feature on episode two of the BBC Radio 4 series Dante 2021, hosted by BBC’s Europe Editor, Katya Adler.

Idea ethics podcast

The IDEA Centre's podcast returns to ask the question: Should information about a patient’s genetic condition be strictly confidential?

Spencer Home Start Waterproofs

Researchers investigating the effects of lockdown on children’s early development have paid for wet weather gear for 28 disadvantaged Leeds families after survey data showed toddlers were missing out