Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau

Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau


I have been focusing on Applied Ethics since 2014, when I finished my Bachelor thesis criticising Peter Singer's concept of person. I then worked a bit more on environmental ethics for my Master's dissertation questioning our moral obligations towards future people, focusing on environmental scenarios. Now, I am currently working on big data ethics for my PhD thesis. My research aims to develop a broad account of ethics of big data as macroethics to clarify when does the use of big data starts to be unethical, focusing particularly on bias in data. To support the technical side of my research, I am collaborating with Prof. Mark Gilthorpe from the Leeds Institute for Data Analysis. 

Research interests

Applied Ethics, Big data ethics, Information Ethics, Data ethics.


  • MSc in Philosophy - University of Edinburgh
  • BA in Philosophy - Pontifical Catholic University of Chile