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As part of your application to Leeds, you'll be asked to submit a personal statement of around 4,000 characters. This is a great opportunity to show that you have the passion, drive, and imagination to study with us.

Follow these tips to find out what makes a great personal statement - you can find more information about how to apply on the course page for your chosen degree.

Be thorough

Read up on the content of your chosen course and use it to inform your application. Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation very carefully.

If you're applying for a course which covers more than one subject area think about how those subjects interact with and complement each other; your course will constantly draw connections between them, so your application should demonstrate your ability to do the same.

Be specific

Passion for your subject is vital for studying at university level, and your application should reflect this. But don't forget to include specific detail about why that subject excites and challenges you.

You could tell us about a book or stage production you've encountered recently. What did you find interesting about them, and what themes or devices have you identified?

Evidence your abilities

Try to demonstrate your skills and abilities in English. Showcase your analytical skills in relation to texts and art forms you’ve explored beyond your A-Level studies.

We'd like to hear how you've engaged with your chosen subject so far through essays, productions, or other projects. But remember, you should keep information about extra-curricular activities to a minimum unless they relate directly to your subject.

Keep it simple 

A full, detailed and well-written statement will stand out in all the right ways. While we value creativity, you should prioritise showing us evidence of your critical thinking about the subject(s) you want to study, whether that's literature, language, creative writing, or theatre.


Aimen Mahmood BA English Literature

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I have not disliked one moment of my degree, and most of the credit goes to the incredible teaching staff; the quality of teaching here is unparalleled. I have never met people who are more passionate about their careers and about imparting knowledge. Their passion becomes my passion every time.
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