Portrait of Sophie Carr

Sophie Carr

What made you want to apply to Leeds?

When I was looking at universities I wanted to choose a course which I was confident I could enjoy for three years, although my time at university was extended to an amazing four years at Leeds. After my interview for Leeds, I got such a fantastic vibe from the Workshop Theatre staff and I loved the idea of the variety of a heavily practical element and essay writing.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy the most?

My time on the course exceeded my expectations. I met some incredible people and we did different workshops every week. We met practitioners from prison theatres, theatre in education and the theatre world who challenged politics, attitudes and a whole plethora of other subjects. It was always diverse and engaging which made it so enjoyable. The tutors were also the most enthusiastic and engaging. In particular, one of my lecturers was so enthusiastic for his subject, which really inspired our year group and provided a really relaxed atmosphere.

How did you find your year working in industry? 

The opportunity to take the year in industry placement allowed me to work in France as a Language Assistant for the British Council after my second year. I was based in Normandy and travelled around Europe throughout the year. Working abroad was a brilliant experience and one which the School of English were really keen to help me with.

What do you plan to do now you’ve graduated? 

Now I have graduated I have decided to travel for a few months before starting work in April. I will be responsible for running an after-school education centre for young children and I can’t wait!