Facilities and resources

Laidlaw library group study

Leeds University Library is one of the UK's leading academic research libraries and offers a huge range of printed and digital materials, including Special Collections featuring rare books, manuscripts and art.

You'll be able to work with materials ranging from Shakespeare's First Folio and the Simon Armitage Archive to the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture and the Leeds Playhouse Collection.

Take an extensive 360 tour of our libraries on campus.

Brotherton library 360

<h3><a href="https://virtualcampustour.leeds.ac.uk/areas-of-interest/university-facilities/brotherton-library-group/brotherton-library-360">360 view of the Brotherton Library</a>&nbsp;</h3>

Brotherton library brotherton room

<h3><a href="https://virtualcampustour.leeds.ac.uk/areas-of-interest/university-facilities/brotherton-library-group/brotherton-library-reading-room-360">360 view of the Brotherton Room</a>&nbsp;</h3>

Workshop Theatre

Just a short walk from our School you’ll find the 58-seat, proscenium stage Banham Theatre. Also close by is our Workshop Theatre building, which is home to our theatre studies modules and contains several studios and a large multi-configuration performance space with a retractable 84-person seating bank.

The Workshop Theatre building also houses dressing rooms, a stage workshop for constructing props and sets, a technical suite for recording, mixing and editing sound and video, and a wardrobe department with an extensive costume collection and facilities for making and mending. You can find out more about the history of the Workshop Theatre.

Workshop Theatre

<h3><a href="https://virtualcampustour.leeds.ac.uk/areas-of-interest/arts-humanities-facilities/single/workshop-theatre-360">360 view of the Workshop Theatre</a>&nbsp;</h3>

The douglas jefferson room

<h3><a href="https://virtualcampustour.leeds.ac.uk/areas-of-interest/arts-humanities-facilities/single/douglas-jefferson-room-360">360 view of the Douglas Jefferson room</a>&nbsp;</h3>

In addition, our School has a print room with paper-making facilities, a bindery, a large selection of type, and several printing presses (two Victorian Albion, two Arab, and one galley). You'll have the chance to explore this equipment through regular workshops and demonstrations from our staff members.