Case studies

Writing Back has two student interns who help to run the project. Read intern Eve Newstead's blog about her experience of working on the project. 

The participants of Writing Back usually exchange letters once a week, and some of our pen pals have been writing to each other for four years. Here you can read letters from two different pairs of pen pals (their names have been changed).

Alexandra and Penelope

Alexandra studied English and French at the University of Leeds and has now graduated. She is 22 years old. Penelope found out about Writing Back via a friend. She is 79 years old and lives in Harrogate.

Read an exchange between Alexandra and Penelope.

Anna and Molly

Anna studies English Literature at the University of Leeds. She is interested in art, dance and design. Anna is 21 years old. Molly found out about the scheme via a Catholic charity. She is 95 years old and enjoys sharing poetry and paintings with her letters. Anna and Molly continue to write to one another.

Read an exchange between Anna and Molly.

Olivia and Shirley

Olivia and Shirley share their experience of participating in the Writing Back project.

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