Impact case studies

Research impact

Here are a selection of case studies demonstrating impact of research undertaken across the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures.

Health and Wellbeing
Leeds researchers have explored the potential of arts and humanities research in improving health and wellbeing, including the positive impact of musical activity on mental health, the benefits of bibliotherapy in supporting asylum seekers, and using medieval diets to encourage healthy eating.

Digital Technology
A number of Leeds researchers have explored the potential of digital technology in the arts and humanities. Projects have included the co-production of open access archives, the development of digital translation tools, and initiatives to improve the accessibility of web design.

Policy Work and Debate
Leeds researchers have been key in the development of policies and initiatives across a wide range of sectors, including new cultural policy frameworks for UNESCO, furthering debates around religion and sexuality, and establishing electronic Public Information Centres in Uttar Pradesh.

Galleries and Museums
Leeds researchers share their expertise with a number of collaborators in the heritage sector, providing expert advice for regional artist tours, and using research into Roman pottery dating to develop museum practices. Staff have also worked extensively with local museums on a number of public engagement projects, culminating in events at the Thackray Museum, Leeds City Museum, and Lotherton Hall.

Public History
Leeds researchers use innovative public engagement projects to share their historical research, including the use of digital technology in creating Holocaust memorial projects, and schemes involving the public in textile heritage and conservation.

Artists and Performance
Leeds researchers have worldwide impact on artistic practice and performance, using historical research to influence major performing and recording ensemble, exploring the possibilities of fusing dance and digital projection, and working with partners including Opera North and the Leeds Playhouse.

Art and Design
In addition to working with creative industries and the heritage sector, researchers in Art and Design have led a number of innovative projects including the creation of interactive wallpaper, and developing technology for waterless clothes washing.