Beyond the technical...what every engineering student should know.

In partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering and supported by the five largest Professional Engineering Institutions, we have published an e-book about the Engineering profession.

Students often have misconceptions about a career in engineering. They often underestimate the importance of communication and negotiation, or don’t realise the amount of responsibility that they are likely to have, and the extent to which they will have to use their own judgement, and make their own decisions.  


The purpose of Engineering in Society, therefore, is to give students new to engineering an initial insight into the profession of engineering and some idea of what their future career might look like.

The target audience is primarily first year undergraduate students beginning their degree programmes, but it will also be of interest and value to: 
• engineering students at any stage in their education; 
• 14-18 year olds considering career opportunities; 
• teachers of STEM subjects and careers advisers; 
• engineering academics thinking about teaching engineering ethics and social impact.

You can download the ebook for free as a PDF from the Royal Academy of Engineering website OR the Kindle edition from Amazon.