Ferrante Fever in Leeds


This event was held at the University of Leeds and took the form of a public debate, following a series of brief talks by an international panel of professionals, coordinated by Olivia Santovetti (University of Leeds). The panelists were:

  • Ann Goldstein, a New Yorker editor and translator, who, after translating works by Elena Ferrante, has become a rare celebrity among translators ('Ann Goldstein: A Star Italian Translator', The Wall Street Journal: http://www.wsj.com/articles/ann-goldstein-a-star-italian-translator-1453310727 )
  • Daniela Petracco, director of Europa Editions (UK publisher of Ferrante)
  • Thea LenarduzziTimes Literary Supplement (writer, commissioning editor and author of the article and blog '”Ferrante Fever” and other symptoms', TLS, 15 June 2015);
  • Tiziana de Rogatis, Associate Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at Università per Stranieri di Siena, co-director of the Altre Italie Festival, and author of several articles in English and Italian on Ferrante and her global success.

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