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Dr Joanne Yeoh

Dr Joanne Yeoh has been awarded a Professional Achievement Award in the British Council Alumni Awards Malaysia today.

Idea ethics podcast

Join us as we discuss the ethics of ‘Project Prevention’ - a growing organisation in the US that aims to achieve the sterilisation of addicts, and offers monetary incentivisation to do so.

Lizzie Watson headshot

Television scriptwriter Lizzie Watson is one of five new and emerging disabled writers chosen in Partnership with BBC Writersroom to work on the new BBC One series, ‘Ralph and Katie’.

Woman with laptop and earbuds

Linguastars is a series of online workshops, free to Year 12 students of French, Spanish or German, who are interested in studying a new language at university.

Women of Achievement

Congratulations to the members of our faculty who received an award in the University’s Women of Achievement Awards 2021.