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Engaging the public in regulating for ethical journalism

Low levels of trust in journalism linked to lack of knowledge about the news media industry.

A bunch of holly berries nestled in holly leaves

Heritage project finds practices thought to bring good fortune in one place were believed to sow disaster down the road.

A table display of books against a backdrop of old images of soldiers at war.

On a Knife Edge (Cambridge University Press, 2022) is a translation of Auf Messers Schneide (C.H.Beck, 2018).

students learning a language

The study of languages including French, German and Spanish has seen ‘significant decreases’ leading to a concern that language learning may disappear altogether in some ‘cold spots’ of the UK.

Front cover of the book 'The Folk' of two folk musicians playing a guitar and violin from circa  1870 to 1930.

Dr Cole has been awarded the prestigious Bruno Nettl Prize for his recent book 'The Folk: Music, Modernity, and the Political Imagination', published by University of California Press.