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Sculpture of a white 'wall curtain' (taller than an average sized person) with black writing on it

World-renowned Spanish sculptor Juanjo Novella will officially launch his sculpture ‘Curtain’ at the University of Leeds this week.

Exterior of the Sir William Henry Bragg building. The building is a very light cream colour and in the foreground are benches and a large grass area. Trees have also been planted around the benches and grass.

The Bragg Fanfare, written by Professor Philip Wilby, featured in the official opening of the Sir William Henry Bragg building, a hub for physical sciences and engineering teaching and research.

Florence Scott

The discussion tied into the Platinum Jubilee festivities, with the 1953 coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II containing nods to Judith’s ceremony that took place 1100 years earlier.

Line drawing of three chairs

Independently created by our final year undergraduate Fine Art students, Sitting With It celebrates the work of 62 graduating artists through a range of contemporary art practices.

Front cover image of the book 'Popular Song of the 19th Century'

The volume focuses on historical and cultural environments of 19th-century popular song.