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An empty film theatre

Applications are welcomed to the University of Leeds for the Col Needham PhD Scholarship in Film Studies for study commencing October 2023.

Great Hall

Ahead of the PRiA Hybrid Slow Conference 2023 on ‘Impactful Pedagogic Research in the Arts’ which will showcase research across the faculty successfully funded by PRiA Pedagogic Research Funds, funding recipient Kashmir Kaur has written a blog on Deliberations about Decolonisation.

Close up of a old handwritten letter.

Dr Linch and Dr Quinn will present some of their findings about the family and social connections of British Army officers between 1793 and 1815.

Leila jancovich

A recording of Professor Leila Jancovich's inaugural lecture 'A Lifetime of Failure' is now available to view on the stage@leeds website.

An old map of Salhyeh and Mansoura - Hooleh Morass

History PGR student Alex Worsfold has received funding to to show the value of historical data to modern efforts to restore and rewild wetlands in the Huleh Valley.