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Skateboard doing skateboard tricks in the a skatepark with fellow skateboarders watching in the background.

A unique piece of audio artwork designed to encourage people into skateboarding has been created by a University of Leeds researcher.

Great Hall

Pedagogic Research in the Arts (PRiA), Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures are delighted to announce the second annual hybrid slow conference for 2023.

Parkinson Building

Join the University of Leeds' first ever Undergraduate Research Conference showcasing the very best in undergraduate research from all disciplines.

Cover of a book co-authored by Head of the School of Music, Professor Barbara Kelly. The background of the cover is neutral tones with sheets of music, and the title is laid over the top in capitals. The text is white and ochre.

Accenting the Classics: Editing European Music in France, 1915-1925 brings new insights to the music of well-known European composers by telling a fascinating, little-known story about French music publishing.

Section of a page from a medieval book with Old English text

In The Conversation, Ian Shiels explains how he thinks he's solved the mystery of the Old English poem 'Wulf and Eadwacer'.