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Members of Mafwa Theatre sketching their surroundings at Askham Bog with Katie Surridge. The landscape is lush and green, with long grass, trees and other plants filling the background.

An artist is collaborating with a community arts group to create a living wall for the University of Leeds, inspired by carbon-storing peatlands.

Oil painting by artist Farwa Rizvi

MA Fine Art programme leader, Cesar Cornejo, takes a look at this year’s degree show, Left in a Safe Space.

Two hands reaching to touch each other

A Lecturer in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied has appeared on BBC radio to share his insights on teledildonics, a developing frontier in human intimacy.

Ethics Untangled podcast

The new episode of the Ethics Untangled podcast features two prominent academics exploring the themes of punishment, forgiveness and revenge.

Leeds love month poster

Leeds Love Month will explore the weird and wonderful of intimate relationships.