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Detail from image of Edward Jenner vaccinating patients. Edited etching by J Gillray 1802. Wellcome Trust collection

Convincing the Nation is a new online exhibition which observes how government and public health bodies have reacted to vaccine resistance over time.

Spencer Home Start Waterproofs

Researchers investigating the effects of lockdown on children’s early development have paid for wet weather gear for 28 disadvantaged Leeds families after survey data showed toddlers were missing out

Dr Denis Flannery

Dr Denis Flannery has been commissioned to edit a new book in the Cambridge Companion series – a collection of essays reflecting on David Bowie's work and legacy.

Photo of PhD researcher James Lester

James Lester, Postgraduate researcher in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, has been accepted onto the Priestley Climate Scholar programme at the University of Leeds.

Photograph of 'closed' sign outside the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

A new Sadler Seminar Series considers the challenges and opportunities presented by lockdown/post-lockdown for curation and exhibition of visual art, both in the UK and abroad.