Enrolment open for IDEA 1000

A new elective module which introduces professional ethics.

IDEA 1000
Each fortnight we will consider a topic in professional ethics through the lens of a current issue.

Current issues might include:

  • Corporate tax avoidance (e.g. Google, Starbucks)
  • Restoring trust in the banking sector
  • Whistleblowing (e.g. Snowden)
  • Corporate governance
  • Ethics of Big Data
  • Phone-hacking
  • Organisational mismanagement in the NHS
  • Horsemeat scandal

Guest lecturers include:

Amanda Mellor, Group Secretary and Head of Corporate Governance, Marks and Spencer

Mick Yates, Independent Consultant, formerly of Dunnhumby, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson

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