Recent alum Gary Rubin in Professional Ethics Conference

Gary Rubin was recently accepted as a speaker for the Twenty-Sixth Annual Professional Ethics Conference.

Gary Rubin will be presenting at the Annual Conference for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics next February. The Conference will be held in Texas, and will include Gary's formal presentation: “Is Confidentiality as Advocated in Professional Codes a Myth?”.

Gary completed the Applied and Professional Ethics course with the IDEA Centre in 2014, and we wish him well with his presentation and in his future endeavours. 


Today where record keeping and client servicing is often conducted not only in person but in cyberspace and often by large organizations employing thousands; professional organizations find it necessary to make their operations scalable to efficiently handle large volumes of cases.  However, the benefits of scalability are not without risks.

Even if organizations live up to their own standards for maintaining confidentiality, the inherent limitations of modern organizational structures coupled with the standards detailed in professional codes themselves, provide opportunities for loss, theft or misuse of information.  Nevertheless, duties relating to confidentiality as they are generally promulgated in codes remain essential.  The most important reason to retain language relating to professional confidentiality in present day codes is that in doing so, we make known to the world what it is we value.  As Cowton eloquently states, “There will always be members (professionals) who fail to live up to professional standards.  But it is the fact that they are seen to have failed that shows that there are some standards around.  The real failure would be not to try anything, or to pretend to try and not take it seriously.” (Cowton, 2007). 

 Cowton, C. (2007, May 30). [Meeting hte Ethics Challenge: Prospects and Proposals for Promoting Professional Integrity].