Moving Offices to 17 Blenheim Terrace

The IDEA CETL has moved from 8 - 12 Fenton Street to 17 Blenheim Terrace.

As some of you know, we have been moving from 8-12 Fenton Street to 17 Blenheim Terrace over Christmas and the New Year.

The move heralds a new chapter in the life of the Centre. Just two of the many benefits include that we are now able to locate our whole team together and that, by Summer 2017,  all of our training and meeting space will be fully accessible.

For those not so familiar with the University Campus, our new building is diagonally opposite the Parkinson Building, and almost immediately opposite the new Laidlaw Library, just a few doors down from Blackwell’s bookshop (left of no. 64 on the campus map).

Members of the IDEA CETL currently located in our 169B Woodhouse Lane office will be moving to 17 Blenheim Terrace during the Easter vacation, and we expect everything on the building front to be fully complete by June.

Our telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.  Our new postal address is:

Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied

Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

17 Blenheim Terrace

University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT

Directions are available here.

We look forward to welcoming you to 17 Blenheim Terrace in the not so distant future.