Upcoming BSB PEN Events - Ethics in Financial Services

Following the IDEA Centre's recent research into ethical behaviour in the financial sector, the Centre will be presenting their findings in a series of Professional Ethics Network events.

The IDEA Centre will be holding six Professional Ethics Network evenings, each co-badged with a professional body. These events will be led by Professor Chris Megone and Jim Baxter and will focus on the Professions and Ethics in Finance. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear about the Centre’s online MA in Applied and Professional Ethics and meet with alumni of the programme.

What is the role of professional bodies in raising and maintaining levels of ethical behaviour in financial services?
Commissioned by the Banking Standards Board, the IDEA Centre recently carried out a significant piece of research looking at the role of professional bodies in raising levels of ethical behaviour and technical competence within the banking and building society sector. We spoke to representatives of professional bodies, as well as leaders in banks and building societies, investigating the role that professional bodies play now, how they are perceived in the industry, and whether there is an appetite for them to play a greater role in future.

In this highly interactive workshop we will present some key findings of this research, and lead a set of broad discussions on ethics in financial services, and on the link between ethics, professional bodies and culture in different areas of financial services.

There will also be time to explore opportunities for study or CPD in applied and professional ethics.

Who should attend?
The workshop is likely to appeal to anyone who is interested in:

  • The role of the professions in promoting ethics in financial services
  • Professional ethics more broadly
  • Ethical culture in organisations
  • Applied and professional ethics as a subject of academic study

*The event will attract two hours CPD*

Event details
The Professional Ethics Network evenings will be held on:

Wednesday 26th April - CISI, 20 Fenchurch Street, London. This event is co-badged with CISI.

Thursday 27th April - Porticus, 4th Floor, the Michelin Building, London.

Wednesday 3rd May - IFoA, Edinburgh. This event is co-badged with IFoA.

Thursday 4th May - Chartered Banker Institute, Edinburgh. This event is co-badged with CBI.

Saturday 13th June - Porticus, 4th Floor, the Michelin Building, London.

Sunday 14th June - the Banking Standards Board, 75 King William Street, London. 

We expect the Professional Ethics Network events to begin at 6pm and finish at 8:30pm.

For more details or to register free of charge please email fvors@leeds.ac.uk.

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