New publication by Dr El Mustapha Lahlali

Warmest congratulations to our colleagues Dr Mustapha Lahlali and Dr Radia Kesseiri on the publication of their book: Essential Skills in Arabic.

It is with great pleasure we congratulate our colleagues Dr El Mustapha Lahlali and Dr Radia Kesseiri on publishing "Essential Skills in Arabic". 

Responding to the urgent need for a comprehensive textbook that covers a wide range of Arabic skills, including reading, speaking, listening, writing, grammar and translations, this textbook offers an innovative Student-centered approach to the teaching and learning of Arabic.  This is another contribution to the field of Arabic teaching, which aims to elevate learners' skills from the intermediate to the advanced level, and it seeks to achieve the following:

1. develop and refine learners' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills;

2.  achieve a degree of competency in Arabic skills and acquire the ability to deal with complex syntactic features through a wide range of Arabic exercises;

3. become acquainted with grammatical concepts that are vital to writing and understanding of texts;

5. aid learners to enhance their Arabic vocabulary in order to be able to translate from and into Arabic, and deal with Arabic language in different contexts;

6. accumulate vocabularies to use for reading, writing, speaking, listening and translation.

Information on the book, Essential Skills in Arabic, published by Edinburgh University Press