Call for participants in genetics teaching study

The study aims to help students learn the science of genetics without absorbing misleading ideas about genes as "super causes."

Anyone teaching genetics to undergraduate students in Spring 2024 – either a whole course or as part of a larger course such as ‘Introduction to Biology’ – at any higher education institution in the world can potentially be involved in the study.

Researchers from Cornell University, BSCS Science Learning and the University of Leeds are inviting undergraduate instructors in genetics to join the large-scale experimental study.

It will address concerns that the traditional undergraduate curriculum, with its stress on “unit character” traits caused by a single gene, may leave students with an exaggerated impression of the causal power of genes.

What will participants do?

Participant instructors will need to ask their students to work through self-directed online modules about multifactorial genetics.

Student participation will take place on their laptops during class time and will require three portions of class time: 20 minutes of one class meeting to complete a pre-survey; 40 minutes of a subsequent class meeting to complete a (randomly allocated) module on their laptops; and 20 minutes of a final class meeting to complete the post-survey. All materials are in English.

Instructors whose class participates will be compensated with US $200 or its equivalent.  

For more information, and/or to express interest in participation, please email Professor Gregory Radick.