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Psychic nights, in pubs, are increasingly common in Britain especially since the pandemic, but why do so many people attend and what do they get out of it? Is there a connection between reason, wellbeing and spirit communication

New research project exploring the impact of psychic events on modern religions to host live event in Leeds.

The cover of Professor Radick's book mentioned in the text. It has illustrated peas in squares. The text reads:

A foundational debate turning out differently could have changed science and society. Read Professor Radick’s interview about his research into the history of genetics.

Three people holding protest signs. They read

New research shows that faith-based organisations (FBOs) supporting modern slavery survivors in the UK are embroiled in a landscape marked by racialised border violence.

A page of the Torah in Hebrew

Professor Johanna Stiebert spoke on Prime Minister Netanyahu's use of Scripture, while Dr Aled Thomas spoke on the topic of Scientology.

Photo of National Science and Media Museum in Bradford

Two postgraduates are the co-authors of this article that will inform the exhibits and public engagement programme of The Science Museum in its 150th anniversary.