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Close up of a cardboard climate change protest sign being held up by a protestor, alongside a close up of the front cover or a war time ration book.

World War II-style rationing could be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, according to new research from the University of Leeds.

Dr Tendai Mangena portrait. Tendai looks directly at the camera and is smiling, she stands against a white background.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Tendai Mangena to the University of Leeds. On 1 February 2023, Dr Mangena is taking up a four-year Global Professorship position, awarded to her by the British Academy.

Dr Megan Robertson, Megan is looking directly at the camera and smiling. She is wearing graduation robes and hat and stands against neutral fabric drapes in the background.

The School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science, University of Leeds, is delighted to welcome Dr Megan Robertson as UKRI Fellow.

Headshot of Dr Tendai Mangena.

The British Academy has awarded a prestigious Global Professor Award to Dr Tendai Mangena, who will join the University of Leeds in February 2023.

William Buckland, Geological Cross-Section, 1836

The School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science celebrated the publication of a new historical study by Dr Jonathan Topham.