IDEA Pod new episode: Possible solutions to real trolley problems with Dr Andrew Stanners

What can we do with real trolley problems around the Covid-19 pandemic? Dr Andrew Stanners poses some solutions.

In this episode, we welcome Dr Andrew Stanners - hospital doctor and healthcare ethics teacher at the IDEA Centre. He is also a trustee for the UK Clinical Ethics Network.

This episode is a continuation of our previous discussion about real trolley problems, and we explore two possible solutions to the complexity of decision-making when we have to choose who gets treatment.

Speaking to Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau, Andrew presents an account for needs and another for reflective equilibrium as a way of confronting this issue.

“These considerations from a healthcare ethics point of view, make the difficulties of doing applied ethics most explicit,” explains Gabriella.

“High-level strategic decision making needs to be founded on these deeper philosophical distinctions; challenging the way we conceive any possible solutions, especially life-threatening ones.”

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