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Close up image of a dictionary page.

Changes to the definitions of conceptual words like ‘woke’ and ‘gaslighting’ are harming our ability to communicate and understand our experiences, a Leeds academic argues

An adult and a child looking at each other, smiling. In front of them is a table with toys on.

Early Childhood Education and Care is integral to children’s development. Professor Catherine Davies discusses its future and recent changes to childcare post-COVID-19

Photo of Liz Stainforth

Dr Liz Stainforth, Lecturer in Heritage Studies at the University of Leeds, has published a monograph with Cambridge University Press for the Elements series in Critical Heritage Studies.

Photo of postcard sent by artist Derek jarman to Jim Brogden in 1993

New article shines light on ‘unselfish devotion’ of Keith Collins to artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman

Korean music 2

The School of Music will host a Korean Music Festival, Lecture, Concert & Workshop Series on Thursday 13 - Friday 14 June 2024.