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Psychic nights, in pubs, are increasingly common in Britain especially since the pandemic, but why do so many people attend and what do they get out of it? Is there a connection between reason, wellbeing and spirit communication

New research project exploring the impact of psychic events on modern religions to host live event in Leeds.

The cover of Professor Radick's book mentioned in the text. It has illustrated peas in squares. The text reads:

A foundational debate turning out differently could have changed science and society. Read Professor Radick’s interview about his research into the history of genetics.

An adult and a young child looking at each other, smiling. The table in front has toys and blocks on.

The more time pre-schoolers spent in childcare during the first year of the pandemic, the more their vocabulary grew, a new study has found. 

A dark room with a laptop open on YouTube.

New research investigates what draws people to online content that is reactionary, radical and contains disinformation.

British painter Judith Tucker (1960-2023) was tragically killed in a car accident on 13 November.