International Spanish Poetry Translation Digital Initiative

La Crátera de Ártemis announces its second call for contributions. Poems originally written in Spanish will be translated into several languages by staff and students from participating universities.

University students and lecturers of Translation and Spanish Language and Literature across the world are now invited to participate in the second edition of La Crátera de Ártemis, the innovative digital project of Spanish poetry translation directed by the poet and principal teaching fellow Antonio Martínez-Arboleda, at the University of Leeds.

The first edition of La Crátera de Ártemis appeared in summer 2019. It featured submissions from the Universities of Queen Mary London, Leeds and Saint Andrews (United Kingdom), Macerata and Trento (Italy), Lodz (Poland) and Madison, Wisconsin (USA), with translations into English, Polish, Portuguese and Italian of more than 20 poets, mostly chosen by students, including notable figures such as Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Mercedes Cebrián, Luisa Futoranski, Omar García Obregón or Ali Calderón.

The organisational model of this digital poetry initiative is based on the principles of openness, inclusiveness, decentralisation, professionality and collaboration:

Firstly, the invitation to participate as a translator is open to groups of students and teaching staff of Hispanic or Translation studies departments around the world. Secondly, the translation works are organised according to the preferences and needs of each participating department.  Often, the translation of poems for La Crátera de Ártemis is an integrated part of the teaching and learning and students themselves deal with other aspects of translation, such as the request of the authors´ consent and even the audio recording of the translations.  Thirdly, the editorial responsibility is devolved to the academic colleagues in university.

Where it all began

La Crátera de Ártemis is a continuation of the project Ártemis: Aprende con Arte, the digital platform dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary poetry in Spanish language founded by Martínez-Arboleda in 2017 with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education (Hispanex 2017) and the Instituto Cervantes in Leeds and Manchester.  

Ártemis: Aprende con Arte hosts an audio anthology of the Ártemis 2017 poetry festival, links to more than 120 videos with poems and interviews from Ártemis 2017 and 2016, along with interactive digital language exercises based on the poems, designed by Isabel Molina Vidal, also from the University of Leeds. The videos were produced by director Dany Campos, with the support of the Scholarship Fund of the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies of the University of Leeds.  

What is next

The poems from the next edition will appear in the winter of 2019-20 and a wider range of languages is expected. 

The submissions from students and staff of the University of Leeds will be coordinated by colleagues from the Centre for Translations Studies and the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Studies, as well as by the poet and academic Professor Mike Baynham, from the School of Education.  

For more information on the Guidelines to participate in the competition, contact Antonio Martínez-Arboleda.

La Crátera de Ártemis and has the support of the prestigious contemporary poetry magazine Revista Crátera, directed by poets Gregorio Muelas Bermúdez, José Antonio Olmedo López-Amor and Jorge Ortiz Robla, as well as the Instituto Cervantes in both Leeds and Manchester