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Five, lit white candles in placed in a white star of David against a black background.

Romani history and how mass murder is intertwined with a modern day pilgrimage site and the experiences of Portuguese Jewish communities are discussed by Matthew Sweet and his guests.

Prof martin seeger receiving an award

Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in Thailand has awarded Professor Martin Seeger an Honorary Insignia for his meritorious deeds and academic excellence in Buddhist Studies.

Dr Rasha Solimon presenting at a conference

Dr Rasha K Soliman attended the UNESCO World Arabic Language Day celebration in Paris.

Lgbtq life in interstitial european overseas territories

Funding recently secured through the Languages, Cultures and Societies Key Topics Scheme for networking activities and scoping research on LGBTQ+ life in Spanish Melilla.

Close-up of ancient manuscript stone on display in Michael Sadler Building

One of the longest surviving inscriptions from Ancient Britain is being unveiled to the public for the first time ever after decades in storage.