New publication: Arabic Media Coverage of Pandemics: Discourse, Strategy and Impact

Congratulations to Professor El Mustapha Lahlali on his new book, titled 'Arabic Media Coverage of Pandemics: Discourse, Strategy and Impact', published by Routledge.

Book cover

Three years since the eruption of Covid-19, Professor El Mustapha Lahlali’s new book provides an in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of different Arabic media strategies and discourses employed in the coverage of Covid-19.

Drawing on Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics, an array of key topics are examined for their language and lexis, including political leaders and governments, healthcare professionals, the public and victims of Covid-19.

In doing so, the book explores different media practices and discourses and their impact on the public and other keyholders. Key political and ideological motives behind the production of pandemic media discourse were also highlighted, underscoring their impact on the way discourses are received and consumed.

Find out more about the book on its publication site.