Eco-criticism in Times of Crisis: Nature, Capital and Culture in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds

Partners and collaborators

The Leverhulme Trust, CHIA, Institute Cervantes, Camoes.


Ever since the colonial period, dominant narratives have represented the ‘natural’ world as a source of capital to be exploited for political power and financial profit. At the same time, however, nature has been viewed as an ungovernable threat, a source of danger, anxiety and otherness that is situated beyond the reaches of human control and impact. Today, as new hazards arise from the consequences of the seemingly boundless capacity of capital to exploit natural resources, the natural world has been brought to the forefront of a number of different and often conflicting agendas. With the rise of environmental politics, the development of "green" economies, a surge in ecological warfare over limited resources, and the spread of cultural concerns surrounding ecological crises, nature has come to represent more of a threat and an opportunity than ever before.

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