Sudan revolution archive: songs, chants and poems of the 2019 Sudanese revolution




Production of Sudan Revolution Oral Archive, using and expanding material I have collected, to preserve vital otherwise impermanent songs, poems, chants and talks from the 2019 Sudanese revolution. Song styles range from traditional, to ‘Afro pop’, reggae and rap, poetry from traditional to innovative. I have downloaded 116 YouTube videos, many with accompanying words subtitled or from internet sites.

For each item, I will produce: 

  • Arabic-script transcription
  • Latin script transliteration
  • English translation
  • cultural and linguistic commentary

Post-project, I will write a book: Songs, Chants and Poems of the Sudanese Revolution. I will ensure copyright for all archive material from all rights holders, for stability of material using Archive Handles rather than URLs.


The archive will be a resource for

  • further research for interested academics;
  • consultation by interested members of the general public (particularly members of the Sudanese community in Sudan, Britain and worldwide).