Tackling antimicroibal resistance (AMR) in schools



Partners and collaborators

HERD Interntional, Nepal


This project worked with Nepali students and teachers to co-create a suite of educaitonal resources on the topic of antimicrobial resistance.

The project was catalysed by community feedback from our previous work in the CE4AMR network which suggested that young people could become agents of change in terms of spreading awareness of AMR and changing community-level beahviours which drive AMR.

This team wanted to ensure children are well informed on the topic of AMR and feel confident to share informaiton with family and friends.

The project worked online across the pandemic to engage children and teachers with the sometimes complext topic of AMR.

After learning about the topic they suggested ways of engaging other young people and teachers detialed the suppor they would need to teach on this topic.

University of Leeds and HERDi staff then worked with this groups to devleop a teaching pack on AMR to support teachers, a resouce pack of games and activities for children to learn about AMR and an AMR card set.

All are freely available in English on our website and Nepali copies from HERDi.

These resouces were tested in one school post-pandemic and students showed a significant increase in AMR knowlede prior to the session.

Publications and outputs

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