Middlebrow culture in Europe 20th/21st centuries

Partners and collaborators

(For special issue of Belphegor): Professor Matthieu Letourneux, Universite de Nanterre, Paris.


'Middlebrow' is a contested but useful critical term that challenges canonical views of culture. It has been addressed in relation to English-language literature but scarcely at all in relation to other literatures and cultures.

Through a major book project on French women's reading and writing practices, many invited conference papers and a special issue of the journal of Popular Culture Belphegor (the official journal of the research network LPCM, partner of the Leeds PCRN) this project seeks to address questions of cultural hierarchy, genre and gender in modern/contemporary European culture.

Publications and outputs

Belphégor, 15, 2, 2017: Middlebrow  

Middlebrow Matters: women, stories and the hierarchy of culture in France since the Belle Époque. (Liverpool University Press, 2018)