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Opportunities for Visiting Research Fellows

If you are an academic with a research agenda that you can appropriately conduct at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, then our Visiting Research Fellows scheme may be a perfect opportunity for you.

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Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellowships

We have a vibrant community of current postdoctoral scholars who are funded through a variety of schemes and models.

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Our research

We conduct world-leading research into human languages, cultures, and societies past and present. Our work is driven by the understanding of language as a route to historical, sociological, political and literary insights, to further the understanding of diverse fields, eg economies, the environment, multilingualism, dialects, gender, religion, conflict, migration and aesthetics.

The School conducts individual, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research, and supervises postgraduate researchers working on a wide range of topics. Together we apply our research findings to social, pedagogical, and commercial innovations, for example sourcing community solutions to the inappropriate use of antibiotics in Nepal, quantifying the bilingual language experience, and developing innovative computational linguistic technologies for language service providers. Our size and diversity allow us to engage in large scale research projects, at local, national and international levels.

Explore the breadth and impact of our research.

Research themes

We pursue research across linguistics, speech science, translation, and interpreting to systematically understand how language is acquired, used, and translated by humans and machines.

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We have a network of experts working on over thirty world languages and dialects. We apply this expertise across a range of historical, literary, and cultural research contexts.

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We study global cultures and societies in all their diversity to explore interconnections through time and space.

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