Funding and scholarships

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Fees information can be found on the individual pages for each of our courses.

As an undergraduate student in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, you may be eligible for scholarships offered by the University.

Leeds Scholarships

If you are a UK undergraduate student with a household income of less than £42,875 a year, you may be eligible to apply for a means-tested undergraduate scholarship. The scholarships are available thanks to the generous support from alumni and other organisations.

Information including full eligibility criteria and details on how to apply is available on the University's scholarship pages.

Laidlaw Scholarships

There are annual Laidlaw Scholarships that provide funding to allow you to develop leadership and research skills through a range of personal development activities and two six-week periods of project work throughout your time at Leeds.

Sanctuary Scholarships

The University offers scholarships for forced migrants to the UK. The Sanctuary Scholarship is open to people who wish to study any undergraduate, postgraduate or research degree.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships ensure our athletes are able to compete at the highest level whilst studying at the University.

Enterprise Scholarships

Once you have started your degree, you can apply for an Enterprise Scholarship to support the development of your own business.

More information

You can find out more about general financial support for undergraduates, including funding opportunities and scholarships provision on the University's scholarship website.