Fine Art and combination degrees interview afternoon

Congratulations on being invited to interview.

The  afternoon will give you a unique insight into studying Fine Art at a Russell Group institution. You'll have the opportunity to find out about us, as much as we want to know more about you.


1. Compile and submit a digital portfolio

To allow us to get a comprehensive overview of your work, you should now submit a digital portfolio of work.

  • Your portfolio should contain approximately 12 to 15 images.

  • This should be submitted as a single pdf document (eg not individual images or separate files).

  • Your portfolio should be sent no later than 1 week before your interview date to:

  • You MUST name your file as follows: [SURNAME FIRSTNAME]_[OVERSEAS/UK – delete as appropriate]/[UCAS PERSONAL ID NUMBER]

For example,

  • CASS _NICK_UK_123456789 or CASS_NICK_OVERSEAS_123456789

2. Prepare interview images

  • Prepare up to four prints of your work (good quality images) on A3/A4 to bring with you on the day.

Portfolio guidelines

We want to look at your portfolio, to get a sense of your creative interests and your technical skills. We are also looking at your ability to generate ideas, explore them visually, and your willingness to take risks and work with other people.

Be selective about what you choose to include, and what to bring with you on the day – we don't want to overlook key aspects of your practice, but we do want to see that you have begun to develop some ability to judge and edit your own work.

We want to see the work that you think is important and reflects your passions, commitment and potential. Pay close attention to the presentation of your work in the PDF; give us titles, materials and dimensions. For the images you have to bring on the day, make your own decisions about which four pieces of work you would like to show us and talk about.

It is very important that we get an accurate, honest picture of your work and that we can each make an informed decision as to whether this is the right course for you.

On the day

Parents, guardians and guests are welcome to accompany you but they will not be able to take part in the afternoon’s events once they commence at 13:00.  They are welcome to visit the Students' Union, cafés, tour the University’s public art trail or many of the resources on campus.

Crucially, the whole session is designed to help you and us find out more about one another. In your interview we will discuss aspects of your application and personal statement as well as the contents of your portfolio and the images you bring on the day.

We will want you to tell us about the artists and other cultural activities that excite your interest. We will also want you to tell us why you wish to study at Leeds and on this course in particular.

  • Do not bring your full portfolio. Bring your printed interview images.

  • Report to the ground floor level (just in front of the reception area) in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies (find on the campus map). Staff and student ambassadors will be available from 12:15.

  • We advise that you should arrive no later than 12:45.

  • Your interview afternoon will start at 13:00 and end at approximately 17:00.

  • You will be busy all afternoon!

We look forward to meeting you.