Daniel cole

Daniel Cole

I am currently in my second year and I am positive that my education to date has prepared me for my upcoming study abroad year, leading on to my fourth and final year in Leeds to complete my degree.

When choosing an institution that would best prepare me for the art world, I became aware of the diversity that Leeds and Yorkshire offers as a vast county providing diverse facets of culture, coupled with a rich history. This, entwined with Yorkshire’s industrial heritage, is important to my work as I am often intrigued by materials used in large scale production and manufacturing within engineering.

My current practice is linked strongly with sculpture, although it is often embodied in less traditional methods. This is enabled so effectively by the nature of the studios in the building. These spaces offer integrated practices, allowing a flow between methodologies of production. This encourages an active dialogue between students and tutors and opens up the spaces for constant development of each other’s work – something essential in a creative practice.

Weekly Visiting Artist Talks offer the opportunity to learn about the specific practice methodologies of international artists to the entire School, other students at the university and people in the community. The programme is one of the most enriching elements of the course, allowing us as young artists and cultural studies students to scrutinise work processes of a wider range of practitioners. I assist with the running of the programme which allows me to meet the artists, show them around campus and discuss current works. This is something I have found invaluable as part of my studies.

Another key characteristic of the course which separates it from other Fine Art courses is the role of theoretical studies, including art history and optional modules throughout second year. I found the module The Museum, delivered by Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, truly insightful.

I have enjoyed living and working in Leeds and I eagerly await what the next two years have in store, and look forward to my future career.