Pluralising planetary justice beyond the North-South divide

Read the latest article by Nathan Wood and William San Martín on planetary justice.

The concept of planetary justice has received increasing attention within the field of earth systems governance. Although a significant epistemic shift, planetary justice discussions have primarily focused on western and (re)distributive notions of justice. By doing so, planetary justice is depriving current debates of crucial dimensions of what justice has meant for different communities and organisations.

These trajectories spanning the realms of social activism, research, and institutional change have historically called for more than (re)distributional approaches to justice. This article argues that recentring procedural, epistemic, and recognition-based notions of justice is critical in addressing the challenges of planetary justice in both research and practice of earth systems governance.

Pluralising planetary justice beyond the North-South divide: Recentring procedural, epistemic, and recognition-based justice in earth-systems governance is free to access for 50 days.