Asking urgent ethical questions at the Annual Ilkley Medical Ethics Colloquium

On Saturday 18 January, the IDEA Centre held the 28th Annual Ilkley Medical Ethics Colloquium at Craiglands Hotel.

The informal colloquium on Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics aims to provoke new conversations and connections for healthcare students, alumni, philosophers and professionals.

"There were very interesting and urgent discussions throughout the day, of important ethical issues in the medicine and healthcare professions," explains Dr Natasha McKeever.

Thought-provoking topics ranged from implicit bias in healthcare, to responsibilities to foetuses.

Dr Natasha McKeever, IDEA Centre

The colloquium also included talks by Robbie Arrell, a lecturer at the IDEA Centre, David Molyneaux, a postgraduate researcher at the IDEA Centre, Mark Sheehan, a research fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford.

There were additional contributions from three IDEA Centre Masters alumni: Alex Dady, Kate Hamilton and Sophie-Golda Reginald.

What a great institution this Colloquium is. Smart, friendly people talking and thinking about ethics carefully.

Mark Sheehan,  Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford

Details of the next colloquium in 2021 will be available at in late 2020.


Featured image: attendee walk on Ilkley Moor.