Research seminar: Inclusion and moral dialogue

As part of IDEA's 2020-21 research seminar series, we welcome Dr Stephen Ingram, Lecturer (Tchg Focused) in Philosophy, University of Manchester.


“Interpersonal dialogue plays an important role in moral inquiry and practical decision-making. Like many others I think that, ideally, such dialogue should include all salient perspectives. But whose perspectives are salient, and why? On what grounds, if any, can we exclude certain people from moral dialogue?

In this paper I answer these questions in a way that is responsive to both the epistemic and practical goals of moral dialogue. I suggest a principle for determining who should be included and who should be excluded, and I touch on questions about how we might implement this in practice to ensure that moral dialogue is appropriately inclusive.”

Find out more about Dr Stephen Ingram, Lecturer (Lecturer (Tchg Focused) in Philosophy, University of Manchester).

Watch the seminar

The seminar is now available to watch on-demand.

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