Rose Mason

Rose Mason

Cultural and Media Studies provides students with opportunities for broad and interesting learning. Modules are hugely varied and encompass aspects of history, sociology, media and film studies, approached from a unique angle.

This flexibility in content translates into essay and, eventually, dissertation writing where you develop and become an expert in your chosen subject – perhaps something you have been passionate about for years or an idea developed from a university module. Many students choose to focus on a cultural medium such as music or film, and discuss ideas around that such as capitalist society and consumerism. I wrote my dissertation on how the UK school education system continues to underrepresent colonial history, showing the wide choice available to Cultural and Media Studies students.

I have also had opportunities beyond the theory work and written assessment that I expected from the course. I created a film on the history of cinema in Leeds for a first year module in Cinema and Media History. This project was dynamic and
exciting as I visited the cinemas in and around the city centre, conducting interviews and learning what makes the cinema history of Leeds unique.

Working in Digital Media Teams was an optional module which provided practical opportunities, through working in groups to design and develop a response to a brief. My group worked on a party game aimed at young adults which was fun and a valuable experience for future careers.

The School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies also offers the opportunity to be a student leader, representing the student voice and helping to contribute feedback and ideas to improve things for students in the school. The School really values feedback which is amazing and creates a feeling of a level playing field with staff taking on board student ideas, creating a community feel.

Students receive a weekly newsletter by email, informing us of opportunities and events such as course related internships, voluntary positions or new exhibitions and visiting artist talks going on in Leeds. One of the most memorable events was a digital light exhibition in Leeds Dock which was one of the coolest art-related things I’ve ever been to. Opportunities like these allow you to be in contact with the subject in many other forms alongside lectures and seminars.

The course develops your interests and knowledge in so many areas as well as developing you academically. I feel what I’ve learned will benefit me in any creative career after I graduate. I am interested in a career in media, potentially something similar to an internship I had between second and third year: writing for a magazine in London (and which I got thanks to support from the School).