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Parkinson building

The Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Leeds is deeply saddened by the loss of one of our dear alumni students and friends, Sue Fortescue.

A large, modern room set up for a business event with desks and chairs

On Monday 13 June 2022, Barbara Bethäusser-Conte gave a Prof Talk entitled “The Impact of the Pandemic on the Daily Working Lives of Conference Interpreters in the UK”

Interpreting suite

On Friday 19 November 2021, 3 members of the YTI, Kate Stansfield, Nicole Fenwick, and Kerry Gilchrist, gave a talk on ITI and how students can benefit from it


On 17 November 2021, Mr Feng Chen visited the University of Leeds after interpreting for the COP26, and gave a fascinating talk entitled ‘Interpretation and Translation in the United Nations’.

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On Friday 12 November 2021, Xueyang Niu gave a talk on her experience in the language service sector.