Centre for Philosophy of Religion events

Semester 1, 2018-19

11 October, Julian Perlmutter (Cambridge), ‘Against Kivy:  Sacred Music and Affective Response’

25 October, Sophie-Grace Chappell (Open University), ‘Epiphanies: An Ethics of Experience’

8 November, Tasia Scrutton (Leeds), ‘'Religion and Mental Health: Reading St John of the Cross'

22 November, Mikel Burley (Leeds),  'Film and Philosophy of Religion: Discussing Dead Man Walking'

Semester 2, 2017-18

1 February: Simon Hewitt (Leeds), 'Thomistic Therapy: Herbert McCabe's Approach to Philosophical Theology'

15 February: Emily Paul (Leeds), 'God and the Metaphysics of Time: Revealing Old Assumptions and Suggesting New Directions'

1 March: Julian Perlmutter (Cambridge), 'Against Kivy: Sacred Music and Affective Response'. (Postponed due to weather conditions)

Friday 9 March: Thomas Oord (Northwest Nazarene University), 'Why a Loving God Can't Prevent Evil: Putting Love First'

19 April: Bevis McNeil (Leeds Beckett), 'Nietzsche's Idea of Eternal Recurrence: Absurdity or Serious Thought Experiment?'

3 May: Simon Oliver (Durham)

10 May: John Schellenberg (Mount Saint Vincent University), 'Truth-Triggered Religious Commitments'

Semester 1, 2017-18

5 October: Esther McIntosh (York St John), 'Living Religion: The Fluidity of Practice'

19 October: Elena Kalmykova (Birmingham), 'Holding Doctrinal Belief as an Artefact'

2 November: Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham), 'The Problem of Evil for Atheism and Pantheism'

23 November: Denis Alexander (Cambridge), 'Genes, Determinism and God'

7 December: Mikel Burley (Leeds), 'Philosophy of Religion as Cultural Critique'

Semester 2,  2016-17

9 February, Constantinos Athanasopoulos (Open University), 'Hesychia and quietude: Gregory Palamas and Ludwig Wittgenstein on misconceptions of salvation and metaphysical hinges'

9 March, David McPherson (Creighton University), 'Deep desires: a theistic account'

31 March, Michael Rea (University of Notre Dame), 'Divine presence in a material world'

Semester 1, 2016-17

 6 October, Mikel Burley (Leeds), 'Eating human beings: varieties of cannibalism and the heterogeneity of human life'

13 October, Kevin Schilbrack (Appalachian State University), 'Religious practices and the formation of subjects'

27 October, Andrew Moore (Regent's Park, Oxford), 'What is it for faith to seek understanding?'

10 November, Roger White (Leeds), 'Barth and Anselm: why did Barth claim that Anselm's work was a key to understanding the Church Dogmatics?'

24 November, Natalja Deng (Cambridge), 'Religion for naturalists'

8 December, Jon Robson (Nottingham), 'Omni-beauty as a divine attribute'

Northumbrian Triangle in Philosophy of Religion (scholars from Leeds, Durham and York)

Wednesday 18 January in Leeds. The theme was Religion and the Arts, and the speakers were:

David Efird (York), 'Finite and Infinite Beauty: A Framework for Aesthetics'

David Merrill (Durham), 'The Theological Significance of Beauty in Thomas Treherne'

Mark Wynn (Leeds), 'The Contribution of Aesthetic Goods to the Spiritual Life'