Writing British Asian Cities


The diverse local character and trajectories of South Asian diasporas in Britain today is the product mainly of post-war immigration from particular parts of India, modern Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as East Africa. Recognising that there is now an urgent need to reflect upon this presence, this website is the first to explore the changing historical and spatial dynamics of five British-Asian cities.

Funded by the AHRC Diasporas, Migrations and Identities Programme between 2006 and 2009, a network of academics and non-academics set out to examine how each city has been ‘written’ and represented by different constituencies in scholarship, oral history, novels and other forms of cultural production, as well as in the media and official reports. 

Steering group

Dr Sean McLoughlin 

Dr Ananya Kabir 

Dr William Gould 

Dr Emma Tomalin 

Dr Pippa Virdee 

Professor John Eade 

Dr John Zavos 

Dr Virinder Kalra 

Dr. Richard Gale 

Dr Shailaja Fennel 

Aki Nawaz 

Irna Qureshi 

Robbie Beattie 

Jasjit Singh 


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