Dr Heather Logue

Dr Heather Logue


I completed a BPhil in philosophy with a certificate in women's studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003. I joined the department in 2009 after completing my PhD at MIT, and I was promoted to Associate Professor in 2016.


  • Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Research interests

My research interests lie mostly in philosophy of mind and epistemology, focusing in particular on metaphysical and epistemological questions related to perceptual experience. Recently, I've been working on a project about the metaphysics of gender.

Selected recent publications

  • "World in Mind: Extending Phenomenal Character and Resisting Skepticism", In the Light of Experience: Essays on Reasons and Perception, eds. Johan Gersel, Morten Sorensen Thaning, and Rasmus Thybo Jensen. OUP, 2018.
  • "Can We Experience Aesthetic Properties?" Evaluative Perception, Eds. Anna Bergqvist and Robert Cowan. OUP, 2018.
  • "Perception First?" Knowledge First Approaches to Epistemology and Mind, eds. J. Adam Carter, Emma C. Gordon, and Benjamin Jarvis. OUP, 2017.
  • “Are Perceptual Experiences Just Representations?”, Current Controversies in Philosophy of Perception, ed. Bence Nanay. Routledge, 2016.

(further publications listed here and here)

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  • PhD Philosophy
  • BPhil Philosophy
  • Certificate in Women's Studies

Student education

I regularly teach modules on feminist philosophy, epistemology, and philosophy of mind.

Research groups and institutes

  • Philosophy
  • Centre for Metaphysics and Mind
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