Dr David Rowley

Dr David Rowley


I am a part-time distance postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds, working on philosophy of physics, mathematics and mind.  My original background is in astrophysics, which sparked an interest of questions around the fundamental nature of reality and why the universe exists.  I have since been working as a statistician for the Scottish Government and its agencies, while pursuing a philosophical education to develop these ideas. 

Research interests

My interests are around pythagorean theories of the nature of reality, in particular Tegmark’s Mathematical Universe Hypothesis.  I also have an interest in how a theory of consciousness could fit within such a model.  I am interested in using arguments similar to Chalmer’s Fading Qualia argument to argue that consciousness is based on mathematical entities, even if the universe is not fundamentally mathematical. 


  • Philosophy MA, Open University, 2020
  • Open (Philosophy and Mathematics) BA, Open University, 2018
  • Astronomy DPhil, University of Sussex, 2004
  • Astrophysics MPhys, University of Edinburgh, 2001